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Do you want some lucky numbers to be sent to you ?


Do you know that our advanced digital marketing services system can be used to deliver lucky numbers ?

These numbers are compiled from several secret sources and are generated every week and can be used for many different purposes. The numbers may have some special significance for you and may also remind you of some special events.

You are completely free to use these numbers in any way you like. You can have some fun with them or can use them to guide you if you want to take a gamble on the lotteries with them. The numbers may be really lucky for some people.

Use the numbers completely at your own risk. We will not be responsible for how you use these numbers and we do not guarantee any specific results.

If you are interested to get these numbers, all you have to do is use your phone to type the following message  EZINFO GLN yourname  and send the message to the phone number 32828.

There is no need to have a smart phone or the latest model phone  or  internet connection to do this. Any old model of phone can be used if it is able to send the short text message.

This special service is provided by us and is supported by only the three major local telcos Celcom, Digi and Maxis and cannot be used with the other telcos.

An amount of RM 0.50  will be charged for each message that you send. This small fee will be deducted from your credits in your phone when the message is sent out. There will be no extra deductions. There is no need to subscribe or unsubscribe. You will instantly receive only the info you requested, and no spam.

You can send the messages any time and as frequently as you like. Any comments or suggestions can be sent by email to  Constructive criticisms are always welcome.  We will not be able to reply to each and every comment which we receive. We will try our very best to give responses to some of the more interesting comments.



Want to have fun with a riddle or brainteaser ?


Do you want to have fun and challenge yourself to solve a riddle or brainteaser ? And forget about work pressures and other stresses in your life ?

This advanced digital marketing services blog is about helping people to make money with our products and services. So you may be wondering what has a riddle got to do with all this serious business of making money.

Firstly, it is important to remember that in life, while we have to work very hard and smart to earn  and make money, we should also know how to get away from our work and have fun. A riddle can keep our minds away from our work pressures, get rid of some of the stress in life, let our imaginations run free, let us have a good laugh and challenge ourselves to solve problems in a fun way. This is especially true when there are no time limits and no cash prizes to fight for. You  can just think to try to solve the riddle any time you want, stop at any time and resume trying to solve the riddle at any time. Total and unlimited freedom to do as you wish, without following any orders from anybody, without any deadlines or quotas to meet. And a great sense of accomplishment is yours if you are the first person to solve the riddle.

The second reason why a riddle will be included in this blog is to demonstrate how very easy it is to use our digital system to run a riddle contest where many people can all join in to have fun at the same time and also enable the organizer to make some money. If you buy and own our digital system, we can show you how to easily make a lot of money by  just quickly holding other good, clean, fair contests or by offering some very special products or services, which are eagerly sought after by many people all the time. If you have any such good products or services which can attract a lot of people, contact us by enquiry via SMS. We can show you how to quickly make money with our system, even if you do not want to buy it and wait for the approvals from the telcos to enable you to own it.  We can arrange for you to immediately use our system on a joint-venture or rental basis and give you some ideas on how to make money with it.

Here is the riddle or brainteaser.

What are the words that can be filled in the blanks in the sentence below so that the
whole sentence makes sense?

If you blow  ______  too long, you can lose  ______ .

It is a completely original riddle or brainteaser because it was just created and it has not yet been shown to anyone else until now in this blog. There can be more than one correct answer. It will not be surprising if there is no body who can guess our secret correct answers together with our very clear and valid explanations to justify all the answers. Each answer to be submitted must not be vulgar or offensive and any such answers received will surely not be accepted as correct answers. So do not allow your imaginations to run too wild and cause havoc.

You really need to think out of the box and even without any box, as has been suggested by a local famous person when commenting on the ways to solve problems creatively.
If you are interested to try to solve the riddle and have some fun testing your problem solving skills, here is all you have to do to take up the challenge.

Just use your phone to type EZINFO RDL yourname youranswer and send to 32828.

You do not need a smart phone or internet connection to do this. Any old phone can be used as long as it is able to send the short message.

This special service is supported by only the three major local telcos Celcom, Digi and Maxis and cannot be used yet with the newer or other telcos.

A small RM 0.50 fee will be charged for each message with each answer you send. This charge will be deducted from your credits in your phone when the message is sent out. There are no additional charges. No need to subscribe or unsubscribe. An automatic short  reply message will be sent instantly to you to inform you that your message has been received by our system. You will not receive any spam messages.

There are no time limits, no cash prizes..You can send as many answer messages as you want, any time you like, as frequently as you want. You can also send us any comments and explanations why you chose the particular answers. We will not be able to reply to every comment. We will try to reply to some of the more interesting ones.

This is a fun competition to find the quickest riddle or brainteaser solver who is able to  guess our secret answers. We are also looking for the most creative and the most funny answers. All the messages and the times they were received  will be stored in our special digital system. The winners will be announced in this blog when they are found and they can claim and enjoy exclusive boasting rights by just showing to the other people the answer messages which were sent out by them and then stored in the phones.

When we see no more new interesting answers coming in, we will reveal our very own secret answers, with explanations why the answers can be the correct ones.
Many of you will laugh or at least smile when you see our own secret answers. The most imaginative and funny, hilarious answers received will also be posted, so that everyone can have a really very good laugh.

If you want to have some good, clean fun and forget about your worries and stress , you can participate now to try to solve the riddle and stay-tuned for the revealing of the interesting and exciting answers.