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Want to make money from the craze Flappy Bird or other products and services?


If you are wondering what the Flappy Bird game has got to do with our advanced digital marketing services, read on and you will discover the interesting connections and even how it  is possible for some people to make a lot of money from the recent events.

The Flappy Bird game is very popular and it has been downloaded more than 50 million times. Apparently it can also cause much frustration because many people playing it just cannot stop playing because they really want to beat their friends who are also playing. Have you or any of your friends and relatives played the game and enjoyed it or got really hooked on to it?

Some people are glad and felt relieved that they are not hooked on anymore  to the very addictive game, but many people who have already become addicted to the game are very unhappy and upset that the game is not available for download anymore.

Perhaps some one may soon come out with another game and call it Fappy Bird or Faddy Bird, but now many Flappy Bird fans are desperate to download the game. As a result, the people who have already downloaded the game on their phones are making money by selling them to interested buyers.It has been reported that an iPhone 5S with the game received a bid for as much as US99,900 before eBay removed the sale.

Since the auction is not available anymore on the eBay site, the people who want to sell their phones with the game installed may hold auctions at other places.

Now imagine if some people know the locations of the auctions, they can make a lot of money by just selling the information on the locations to hordes of interested buyers who are so eager to play this very addictive game. If you know where the next auctions are going to be held, we can show you how to make money easily and quickly with your information, and by using our advanced digital marketing systems. Contact us by sending email to

Our digital system is capable of delivering information instantly to all the phones of a very large number of people all at one time, very much easier and faster than going through a website, since internet connection or log-in is not required. Also smart phones are not required. Any old model phones can be used to request for the information to be received instantly. The people who are still using older models of phones and not smart phones should not be looked down upon.These people can have a lot of money to spend. These people should not be neglected because they can form a big part of the prospective customers of any products or services on sale.

We can show you how to make money easily and quickly, by using our system to instantly deliver valuable information directly to phones, and with you getting a share of the revenues collected  by the three major local telcos which are providing this service. The information can be about Flappy Bird now, or Fappy Bird or Faddy Bird later on or just about any other products or any services or contests. The information must be of value so that many people are willing to have a small fee deducted from their phone credits to get the information.

If you want to know how easily and how quickly the information can be requested and received, you can go to the recent posts and read the example of the lucky numbers. You can try out the service on your phone to see how the service works. Or you can try our original short jokes which are created by us, hopefully to put a smile on your face and brighten your day. Our joke question for this week is “What is tall, dark and red?”  You can get the funny answer by typing EZINFO SHJK yourname and sending  to 32828. The information will be sent instantly to your phone. Only a small charge of 50 sen will be deducted from the phone credits. There will be no additional fees or deductions and you will not receive any spam messages.

If you encounter any problems, or if you have any questions or comments, you can send email to

Our system makes it very easy and very fast for people to pay for the information because the fee is deducted immediately when the information is requested. The phone credits are absolutely safe and protected from any other unrequested or unauthorised deductions. The people will only receive the information which they have requested and no spam. There is no need for people to log into any website or go through very tedious, time consuming payment authorization verification steps just to make payments for the information they want. People will love you if you use our sytem for deiivering information because they save a lot of time by avoiding a lot of hassles.

Now let us do some simple maths. For easy calculations, let us say one ringgit is the fee for each time the information is requested. If there are a million requests, a cool million ringgit is collected by the 3 major local telcos. If you own our system, yoU can get a share of about 30% or RM300,000. The fee which can be charged can be up to five ringgit for each request for the information, in which case, you only need only 200,000 requests to make RM300,000. Even if there are only 10,000 requests, you can still easily and quickly earn RM15,000. You can earn many times more by simply repeating this process many times by providing other kinds of very valuable and highly sought after information which are in great demand by a lot of people.

Do you now see the huge money making potential of our system ? How much will you be willing to pay to own such a money generating machine? If you want to have such a system, you have to be really fast because the price is going up and there is also a need to get approvals from the telcos and this process can take a few weeks.

However, if you have a great information idea which can generate millions of ringgit  and you want to use the system right now to make money, you can use our system and we can negotiate profit sharing terms with you. Contact us fast for more details and discussions on a first come first served basis.

Need errand services or help with your special tasks ?


If you are too busy with your work and your daily activities and you need errand services or help in running errands or you would like to have some special services performed for you for a negotiable fee, you can contact us by sending email to

You can send in your enquiries by email to the above address at completely zero costs to yourself.

Just briefly describe your problems and your requirements. We will reply as soon as possible within two working days to let you know what we can do.

We will consider any requests provided they are not illegal, immoral or unethical. No request or task will be too small or too big for us. If you are looking for the services of a virtual secretary, we can show you how to use the mobile secretary system, which is a part of the advanced digital marketing services system, to easily and quickly capture many mobile phone numbers and also email addresses all at one time. The data can be stored and easily managed in the system which can then be easily programmed to send out messages at scheduled times to many people with only a few clicks of the mouse. Other services, which we provide, include errand services or running errands for you. We can also help people to learn fast from science and maths home assignments or homework. We can write essays, proof read texts and make the corrections in grammar. We can show you how to quickly set up your own websites and maintain them. We can also take on and handle much bigger tasks or projects. We can find suppliers of any products or services which you desire and arrange for timely deliveries in whatever quantities you need. We can also help to fulfill any of your special or extraordinary requests.

If you want to use our services, you can inform us how much you are willing to pay, based on how difficult the task is and also on the amount of expenses which have to be incurred to complete it. The fee and method of payment are fully negotiable. All the  negotiations can be conducted at zero costs and without obligations. Work on your request will only start after we have agreed on the terms and conditions, which can be very simple in small tasks and more detailed in the larger projects.

We will only agree to work on your requests and projects when we are very confident of completing them with very good results within the time specified by you and at the agreed fees and modes of payment. We will enable you to contact us easily at any time so that any problems can be very quickly resolved and the tasks or projects are carried out to your complete satisfaction. We aim to keep all our promises and even deliver more than we promise. Our goals are to always provide excellent service and also to build long- term mutually beneficial relationships with all our customers and prospective customers, so that our services can be readily recommended to more people.