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MH370, Where are you ?


This advanced digital marketing services blog was set up mainly to inform business owners of our products and services and demonstrate how these facilities can be easily used by them to reduce overhead costs, save a lot of time, acquire more customers and also make more money in their current, normal business operations. The systems can also help people to easily start new small lucrative businesses or even to make some money with zero costs, without the  need to invest any money.

Making more money and making a good living take up a very large part of the time in our lives. At the same time, we are also always being affected by the numerous very big events which are happening everyday all over the world.

The latest event which has caught the attention of the whole world is the sudden, mysterious disappearance of flight MH370.

There have been and there are still many speculations and interesting stories on what could have happened. A few of these unconfirmed reports have turned out to have some truth in them but there are still many very wild guesses which have not been proven to be true.

We are trying to speedily dispel some of the false news by using our digital systems to make it very easy for many people to quickly request for up to date information regarding particular rumours. The people can then instantly receive on their phones the snippets of the relevant information which has already been confirmed by the authorities, without needing to spend a lot of time and money to connect to the internet and wait for websites to open.

We have acquired a lot of new and useful information from this shocking event. Many very important lessons have been learned and are still being learned by many of the countries involved.  A lot of fresh new information is still coming in everyday and we are sure new records in aviation history will be created.

We are keeping our minds open after reading all these stories and are not jumping to any wild conclusions, We do not want to speculate on the causes of this event. We certainly do not want to make jokes about this very serious incident and do not wish to offend anyone. 

We only want to share something here which was inspired to be created yesterday afternoon. You can send email to and let us know if you like this.

We hope this short and simple verse can lift our spirits and can help us not to give up hope of seeing very soon a safe return of all on board MH370.

MH370 where are you?
Hope you come back safely soon with all the passengers and crew.
Not now speculating on why you disappear,
Only trying to look at all angles.
If you have landed some-where safely,
please contact us so that we can reach you quickly.
If you have been taken by some force, may the force give us a sign
and tell us why.
If you have been hidden from us all this while,
may you reappear to make us all smile.
If you are waiting for a good time to come back to us,
please give us some clue where you are first.
MH370 please come out of your cocoon
and return safely soon.
Please show us in our search plans where and how to tweak
so that we can end this expensive”game of hide and seek”.
MH370, many families and friends and many people all over the world are waiting for your quick and safe return.
Come back soon for us all to have a happy reunion.

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