Want to make your own website?


Do you want to make your own website which you can build, update and maintain?

Building your own website has strong advantages over just buying the ready made ones. The main advantage is that you can easily learn to make improvements and maintain the site and do not need to depend entirely on others or have to wait for them to solve problems for you. Another advantage is that once you have learned how to set up your first website, you can continue to easily and quickly build more websites on your own and even make money by selling some of them.

We can show you how to get your own domain name and very reliable hosting at largely discounted prices, and then help you build your website. 

When you have got your hosting account , we can help you make your own website and get it live on the internet, within one hour or less. We will then show you how to write your contents if you need help in this, how to add and edit the contents, how to add your photos and videos and also how to update and maintain the site, so that your website will not break down and can be seen all the time.

We can also help you to get traffic to your site. If you need more visitors to any of your other websites or if you want to place advertisements on our sites, you can contact us.

Want to see one of our websites which has been ranked on the first page of Google? Search fot “quick profits” and look for quickprofitsfrominternet.com.

We have services available to suit any of your requirements and budget. Just make an offer of how much you want to pay to us to fulfill your requirements. 

If you only want a simple website built for you, the cost can be only a one-time payment of a few hundred ringgit. This is at a very big discount from the normal price of about RM 1000 to 2000 for a website, depending on how many features are required. We can also teach you how to make your own website. The payment can be made one-time or in monthly installments, if you want.  All fees and terms are fully negotiable.

You can contact us by sending email with your requirements and  service fee offer to admin@advanceddigitalmarketingservices.com


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