Joke Questions


We will create our own original short joke questions and list them here so that all of them can be easily found . We do not want to make fun of unhappy current events, offend or hurt anyone. Our aim is for people to tell their friends to come to this page and try to come out with their own funny, non-offensive, non-abusive answers for the joke questions. If you wish to share your funny answers also with other people, you can write to us by just sending your email message and also your comments to

You can also send in your answers, questions and comments very conveniently, very quickly and easily by just using your phone.  You can go to the “Contact Us” page of this advanced digital marketing services blog and follow the instructions given there.

We will pick the most creative and hilarious answers and post them here for people to see and then hopefully to burst into laughter and get rid of some of the pressures in our lives.

Our first joke question is … “What is tall, dark and red??”

Try to answer with your own funny creations before you search for our very own answer, which has been stored in a safe place.

You can find out how to see our funny answer if you read our recent posts or you can email us if you cannot figure out how to get our answer.

Here is another joke question which was created recently… “What moment will give the biggest shock to people ??”

This latest joke question is not intended to poke fun at any serious or sad events. It was only created with the aim of allowing people to use their imagination to come out with their own funny answers without causing offense. They can then share the answers here so that we can all laugh together and forget about some of the stress in our lives. Our own funny answer has not been revealed to any third parties. It will only be made known at a much later time after many people have tried to guess our own unique funny answer.

People will then be able to easily receive our answer very fast with the help of the advanced digital marketing services system.

Have fun. Be happy.


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