Do you want some lucky numbers to be sent to you ?


Do you know that our advanced digital marketing services system can be used to deliver lucky numbers ?

These numbers are compiled from several secret sources and are generated every week and can be used for many different purposes. The numbers may have some special significance for you and may also remind you of some special events.

You are completely free to use these numbers in any way you like. You can have some fun with them or can use them to guide you if you want to take a gamble on the lotteries with them. The numbers may be really lucky for some people.

Use the numbers completely at your own risk. We will not be responsible for how you use these numbers and we do not guarantee any specific results.

If you are interested to get these numbers, all you have to do is use your phone to type the following message  EZINFO GLN yourname  and send the message to the phone number 32828.

There is no need to have a smart phone or the latest model phone  or  internet connection to do this. Any old model of phone can be used if it is able to send the short text message.

This special service is provided by us and is supported by only the three major local telcos Celcom, Digi and Maxis and cannot be used with the other telcos.

An amount of RM 0.50  will be charged for each message that you send. This small fee will be deducted from your credits in your phone when the message is sent out. There will be no extra deductions. There is no need to subscribe or unsubscribe. You will instantly receive only the info you requested, and no spam.

You can send the messages any time and as frequently as you like. Any comments or suggestions can be sent by email to  Constructive criticisms are always welcome.  We will not be able to reply to each and every comment which we receive. We will try our very best to give responses to some of the more interesting comments.



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